George Georgas


Photographer | Creative director | Set designer | Retoucher


Conceptual,  Extravagant,  Surreal fashion photography


Currently in Athens


I'm George from Greece and i graduated from Vakalo Design College with Bachelor degree in Graphic, Interior Design and Photography.

My mind is always full of fantasy and i want to make the images qualitative and unique.

My process in photography is not just a clicking on button, I work as creative director, set designer and producer of my own surreal fairy tales, conceptual, avant garde photographies. I work by myself with light, pre- and post production.


My inspirations are based around my experiences, paintings (Ancient Greece, Renaissance period), religion, mythology, cinema and fashion. I find joy in bringing the quality of a painting in a photograph and doing so requires breaking some rules, blending time eras- past, present and future –the real and imaginary, becoming one, elusive, just exactly the way dreams work in our subconscious. The idea of provoking mental games, men becoming women, women becoming men such as Virgin Mary becomes Jesus Christ and vice versa, was always appealing to me, and art’s purpose is always to question beliefs, break boundaries and explore beyond the obvious.

Stylists, hair and make-up artists, fashion designers, models are a crucial  part of  every image.

I collaborate with artists internationally to source props, head pieces, fashion accessories, some of them are custom made too. It’s amazing to be able to join forces with people that share the same vision and aesthetics.

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